Taecyeon Rumors on Plastic Surgery – Another natural or artificial Korean Sparkle?

Korea has been renowned as one of the most massive countries in music and drama industry. There are a lot of artist, actors, and actresses that have been successful to gain their success in the movie industry and music realm. One of those artists is Taecyeon. In 2008, Taecyeon took part in Mnet’s Hot Blood Men that followed the massively extreme training in order to be a member of the boy band popularly known as One Day. This boy band indeed spawned two boy bands, which were 2AM and 2PM. The latter was the one in which Taecyeon was involved. Six months after the movie Hot Blood Men was finished, the band managed to start their debut on the tube. Taecyeon actually managed to get public interest through his performance in the boy band. Taecyeon was born on December 12th, 1988. Just like any other artists in Korea, Taecyeon career success was not without scandals. There had been a number of rumors related to him. One of the most shocking rumors was Taecyeon plastic surgery. Regardless of how many had been said to refute the rumors about Taecyeon plastic surgery, the public was so curious whether the singer indeed had the knife work to get his look changed and improved.

Another Korean Defending Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been indeed attributed to the realm of artists in Korea. In this case, based on isuwft.com the rumors about Taecyeon plastic surgery was not undeniable since there had been so many rumors about artists taking the knife work to get their look escalated. The rumors about Taecyeon knife work indeed were corroborated by the existence of some photos on the internet which were meant to show the difference, rumored ones, between before and after he had the knife work. As you can see in the photo, there seemed to be a different, visible on, on his nose. In the former photo of Taecyeon, you can see that he had rather a bulbous nose. Also, he had rather wide ridge and nostril. This, however, had been invisible in the later photos of Taecyeon. In the latter photo, you can notice that his nose has been much slimmer than before. The other noticeable thing was that his nose appeared more pointed with the smaller tip of the nose. This certainly escalated the rumors about Taecyeon plastic surgery. Even though there had been so many buzzes about his nose jobs, his fans seemed to neglect what the media said about his new look.

Good Cosmetic Technique or Good Knife Work?

Without question, it has been really hard, if not arduous, to judge the truth behind any rumors about artists, including the scandal attributed to Taecyeon. Lots of people questioned the truth that backgrounded the rumors about him. Even though lots of things got said about Taecyeon plastic surgery, nothing had been ever confirmed by the very singer. He said that all he did to get hi look was daily work out and a healthy lifestyle. This apparently true, to some extent. If you see the Men’s Health magazine cover, you can see that his body looks so well built. This can be saliently attributed to the daily exercise that he had. He once said that he was only a regular person, who had no interest to get any of her body changed through the knife work. Well, that is all that the rumors and media said about Taecyeon plastic surgery. What will you say about all of these? Everyone certainly has their own judgment about Taecyeon rumors.

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