Taemin’s Rumored Plastic Surgery – Good Knife Work or Good Lifestyle

“Lee Taemin was rumored to have done the plastic surgery,” this was what the media said once. Apparently, this has come as one of many rumors of Korean artists to get their look changed. Indeed, plastic surgery has been much attributed to the realm of artist and celebs. In Korea, this cosmetic surgery scandals have been so extensively rumored on many artists. This has somehow created the image that most of the artists in Korea had been successful in gaining the success and fame they have today through the rumored knife work. As a corollary, there had been so much buzz on this very issue, presumably much more intense in other countries. One of many artists that have been speculated to be the outcome of the cosmetic surgery work is Taemin. The rumors about Taemin plastic surgery were on everyone’s lips at that time. Lee Tae min was born on July 18th, 1993. He is a South Korean dancer, singer, model, and actor. Taemin is a member of the South Korean boy band Shinee. Taemin debut in the music industry as started as a solo artist. His first album was released on August 18th, 2014. In as much as the artist has been greatly known throughout the country, the public seemed to be interested in knowing any rumors about their idol.

What did the media say about Taemin Plastic Surgery?

When first hearing the rumors about Taemin plastic surgery, people would be really tempted to forage for the photos which show the difference before and after the plastic surgery. In fact, there have been a great number of photos which showed the difference between before and after Taemin plastic surgery. These photos, spread on the internet, truly made media even crazier to chase the news and rumors about Taemin plastic surgery. One of many glaring difference shown by the pictures was the difference in his eyes. It was once rumored that Taemin had plastic surgery done on his eyelid. You can clearly see that his eyelid these days have been much more lifted and sharpened, which are different from those in the former photos. Indeed, this initial surgery manages to escalate his look in that he looks much more masculine with the new eyelids. The eyes also look much more wide open than they were in the past. At first, this rumors on his eyelid surgery managed to attract public interest. Then were there any other knife works that Taemin had ever taken before?

The Other Rumors about Taemin Plastic Surgery Scandals

For sure, there had been so many things spoken by the public and media about Taemin cosmetic surgery. In addition to the eyelid surgery, which was successfully done by Taemin, it once was also rumored that he had another plastic surgery done on his nose. Previously, as you can see in the before and after the plastic surgery that his nose is a little bit bigger and wider with a wider tip of the nose. This look is no longer present these days as Taemin’s nose has been different somehow. There were wider ridge and nostril on his face. However, this is no longer visible in as much as his nose has been much more pointed and slimmer. This look certainly makes him much more sparkling than he was with the previous nose. No matter what has been said about Taemin plastic surgery, lots of people, as well as his fans, are infatuated in his look, the one he has after the rumored plastic surgery. After all, it is still uncertain whether he really had the knife work.

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