The Exotic Appearance of Sophia Loren – Another Dive Made by Plastic Surgery?

Sophia Loren, also known as Sofia Villani Scicolone, was an Italian actress who was born on September 20th, 1934. She has been known as one of the most renowned and honored actresses in the international movie industry. She started her career when she was only fourteen years old after she had entered a beauty pageant in 1949. Being encouraged to take part in acting lessons, Sophia Loren appeared in a number of small parts and some minor roles up until the late of the 1950s when she had the contract with Paramount. It was also this company that managed to boost her career by orbiting her name in the movie industry and further got her in massively popular movies. Some of the successful movies in which she was involved were Houseboat, That Kind of Woman, as well as It, Started in Naples. It was not until her performance in Vittorio De Sica’s Two Women that most directors recognized her talents as an actress. Since then many movies were starred by Sophia Loren. Besides all the fame that she gained in the movie industry, Sophia Loren has also been recognized as the actress earning six David di Donatello Awards as the best female actress. Sophia Loren indeed managed to get public interest at that time when her name was involved in major movies. However, Sophia Loren’s career was not free from scandals. One of many scandals that tainted her life as well as her career was the rumors about Sophia Loren’s plastic surgery.

When did it happen?

As we all know, Sophia Loren has retired these days. But, the rumors about her plastic surgery lingered on everyone’s lips up until now. It is of no surprise that the actress had the plastic surgery in as much as her face truly radiated lots of enchantment and sparkle when she was active as an actress although you can still notice the charm that she once had. Lots of people then speculated that she had the rumored plastic surgery at the early of her career. If she indeed had done the plastic surgery at that time, so what would she have done to get the look that we usually see today? Presumably, the pressure and demand that she got from her career posed the most demanding and forcing reason to go under the knife. The rather unconvincing rumors about Sophia Loren plastic surgery was that she had taken a nose job. Once she said that she would not have her nose changed. Even though people assumed that she had the French nose through the nose job, she blatantly refuted the rumors. It was said that she liked her face so much and she did not think of having any surgery on that beautiful face.

Rumors Revealed or Refuted

After the rumors got spread in public, lots of journalists would be dying to get the information from Sophia Loren. Even though the rumors about Sophia Loren plastic surgery were really shocking, Sophia herself mentioned that she had had no interest to have her face changed through the knife work. Loren, who was once a beauty pageant, clearly mentioned that she did not agree when her photographer suggested that she had better her face smoothened through knife work. She said that all she had was only make-up technique. Nothing more was done on her face. No matter how crazy the rumors have gone, Sophia Loren kept saying that she is truly afraid of undergoing the knife work. Even though many people got so happy with the outcome of knife work, she said that she was really uninterested in that cosmetic artificial work.

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